Dell laptop : Latitude CP M233XT

The system in an overview:

Property Value
Acquired I bought this machine via Marktplaats in August of 2008. After the 300ST turned out to be 800x600 screen resolution I definitely wanted to have a cheap 1024 x 768 machine, to bhe dedicated to Oberon. The 233XT is such a machine.
CPU Pentium II, 233 MHz
RAM The machine arrived with 64 MB on board. It has similar memory slots as in the CPi A366XT. Not much space. But not a problem since Oberon can only deal with 128 MB or less. Anyway, a full Oberon system runs in less than 8 MB.
OS The machine arrived with Windows ME on it. The harddisk was repartitioned and now it contains Native Oberon and Slackware 11 (console mode only). There is still room left to install Minix 3.1.2.
Harddisk One IBM 2.5" harddisk with a capacity of 3.3 GB. This drive is very quiet. No need to replace it for a solid state disk. It is partitioned in a 400 MB Oberon partition, 128 MB swap partition, 1.5 GB for Linux and 1 GB for Minix. Plus a DOS partition for exchanging data.
Addons The computer came with original power adapter and a Dell carrying case. The battery was in reasonable condition, considering its age. It is still good enough to run the machine for more than an hour on one charge.
Price €50
Fate Died. Its part are for sale on Ebay. Or send me a message.

Operating system

Niklaus is a true multiboot system. It runs Native Oberon and Slackware Linux. The disk is partitioned as follows:

Nr Type Size (MB) Purpose
hda1 Primary 300 Native Oberon (alpha release)
hda2 Primary 50 FAT16 for file exchange
hda5 Logical 128 Linux swap
hda6 Logical 1500 Slackware 11 (consolemode only)
hda7 Logical 1200 Minix 3.1.2

Points of interest

About the FAT 16 partition

The machine is not intended to run DOS. It's main purpose are the oddbal operating systems of Native Oberon and eventually Minix 3.1.2. Native Oberon is nice but is rather picky when it comes to support for network cards. None of my PCMCIA NIC's is recognized. So I needed another way to get files onto the machine. So I decided to install a small Linux (console mode only) to access the web and store the files in the FAT16 partition.
Oberon can read/write FAT16 format so the NIC problem was solved for the time being.

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