Dell laptop : Latitude C600

Property Value
Aquired November 1, 2008 I bought it via the web from Now That's IT. A trusty place to buy anything.
CPU Intel Mobile Pentium III at 1 GHz
RAM 256 MB
OS The machine was supplied by Now That's IT so it came without an operating system. Which was one of the reasons why I bought it there. Slackware 12.2 suits me best.
Harddisk 20 GB HDD
Addons FDD, CD-ROM, battery, VGA -> Composite cable, charger
Price €160


I ordered the system early November. Due to some small inconveninces, I could not pay attention to it before the end of November. Then I discovered that:

Now, I could have lived with the first two problems. This WAS a second hand system in the first place. Yet, a broken CDR and a dead NIC was too much for this kind of money. So I asked Now That's IT for an RMA. Which they sent by returning E-mail.

Three weeks later the laptop returned to me. All four problems were solved! And for some reason they gave me a DVD Combo drive (DVD reader, CD Writer) for the broken CDR unit! Now, that's what I call service. I will remain a returning visitor to their site and shop.

Operating system

Since this is a reasonably fast machine I installed Slackware 12.1 on it. Slackware is not the fanciest of Linuxes. Yet it is rockstable and acceptably fast on all machines known to me. It took 3.5 GB of disk space for a full install.

The disk

The disk is partitioned as follows:

/dev/hda5 600 MB Swap
/dev/hda6 600 MB Swap
/dev/hda1 7.5 GB /
/dev/hda2 10 GB /home


ACPI is standard enabled when I run Slackware 12.2 on it. This is kind of handy when shutting down:

On Gallium (too old for ACPI, so APM is the only option) I need to enter 'stop' to stop the system in a controlled way. If I press the power button, the system halts immediately. Not on the C600: ACP helps me out.


The battery that came with the laptop was bad. In fact, it is dead. But that's the risk with used laptops. Everything is on warranty, except the battery. The type was 75UYF, 3800 mAh (55 WHr), ideally lasting 3 hours, but in this case it won't even do 10 minutes. So now I got me some new batteries, as you can read in the Battery section on the right.

OS dependent Settings

Here ../linux/bromine.html you can read about the settings to run the C600 with Slackware 12.2 and what I needed to do to get things running.

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