An extension board

The GameBoy family of game consoles has a proprietary form of edge connector. It will not mate with any commercial connector, so we need to make our own. I cannot publish the circuit drawing here since it is easier to tell than to show:

That's it. The circuit drawing is just abunch of lines from left to right. This is easier.

The board

Gameboy extender board

As you can see, the board is just as explained above: a bunch of signal paths going from left to right. On the left is the input (connceor etched onto the copper) and on the right is the 34 pin boxed header. The large black blob in the bottom is the ground plane and it runs all the way round to the top. The top left blob is the +5 Volt copperplane. Where both meet, is place to solder an SMD electrolytical capacitor.
The other pads and traces are for mounting two LED's and a shorting bridge, when we decide to power the GameBoy from the outside. We need +5 Volts anyway, so why not make a slightly more powerful +5 Volt regulator and eliminate the need for batteries in the GBC.

I'm not sure yet, if it will work like this. That's why I have more than one GBC in stock. If the board will not tolerate to be back-fed, one GBC may die in the process. If that happens, we will make a nice memorial for it.

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