The Achatz micro web server

I happen to know Franz, the owner of Achatz electronics, but I don't want to look biased. As his friend I don't want to give him just compliments. His products survive in the market, when his friends and customers dare to contradict him and give him negative feedback. As most of us know: if you want to get completely out of control with a project, use positive feedback for the control mechanism.
Same here. I like the Achatz products. Look in the AVR section for my adventures with the Tiny8515 board. This is a fine and inexpensive product. There's only one drawback: most of the software is for TOS (The Other System). And I, as an Fotp (Follower of the Penguin), want to have my own. So I set out to get some tools for the AVR's using my own tools and skills. And Linux of course.

But this is not about the Tiny8515. This is about the MWS 2.00. As will be clear, MWS is short for Micro Web Server. It is a play of words on the name Pico Web Server, as designed by Bruce Lightner for a Circuit Cellar design contest back in 1999. Use the navigator to visit the sites of Bruce ( and

As with many other pictures, most of the JPEG files are in this album: You can consult the pictures there and also see the original high-res images (3072 x 2304 pixels, 36 bit colours) for very close inspections.

MWS projects

Below is a list of MWS related projects. My plan is to see how far I can push the limits of this webserver with Linux. As with all similar pages on this site (Fruttenboel) you need to navigate with the Navigator frame on the right. This is a summary file.


The MWS and Pico webservers are not real webservers like the ones running at my webhost. It in fact is an HTTP server. HTML files are being sent to the requesting browsers. And the Picoweb HTTP server is based on lots of dynamically generated webpages.

Inside: what's under the hood?

How was the Micro Webserver designed? What's under the hood? Circuit drawings, firmware, etc. You need to know this before you can commence.

Approach: get access to the firmware of the MWS

Use these secret but documented instructions and commands to control the MWS webserver. When you read this page, the MWS will eat out of your hand.

Visual: make the MWS visual in a Linux based network

When you start the MWS 2.00, it comes to life with a fixed IP address which is most likely NOT in your netmask... See how I fixed it.


This is a next generation programming cable that forgets about the previous models. It is compatible to none. So it needs new drivers written. For all those who like to explore new ground: Get to it! For all those who just want to copy and paste: find yourself an STK200 compatible cable and bore yourself to death.

Unfortunately, I discovered just now, that I already designed a far better ISP programmer 6 months ago: the Okapi programmer. Read about it in the AVR section. Therefore the PPTuln topic is aborted.

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