I have been programming in 80x86 assembly language since 1986. I like the simplicity and shear power of the language. It's the brute force approach that always does the trick. No matter which CPU you are on: ASM kills all bugs dead.

Please see my personal page for an overview of my experiences. Below is a short list of the projects which could be important enough to publish them on the 'net.

Recent changes:

HTML-flowcharted program in 8086 assembly

I have edited a few of my 8086 ASM sourcefiles with Netscape Composer. This enables the user to easily follow the course of a program, just by clicking on the links. All destination addresses of jumps and calls have been equipped with HTML tags. The original program was written to be used with the A86 assembler.

Mem2File Produce a coredump (contents of memory are sent to file)
Vector Shows where the INT vectors are pointing to. Or need to be pointed to. Vectors can even be changed from the command-line. Use this feature with extreme care!

If you want to have a look at either of these files, just click on the link in the navigator (rightside frame).

Historically, I made some sources in my native language: dutch. These files are also on this site. If you have a reasonable command of this language: check them out. One comment however: they will not be supported anymore as of January 1, 2003. I (and most other members of the WISclub) live in the assumption that all programmers have a basic understanding of the english language. So we also don't need to make our sites bi-lingual.

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