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Android is Linux

That is correct. At a certain moment, Google wanted to have an operating system for powering supercharged telephones. And instead of making yet one more operating system, they decided to clone one of the Linuxes and port it to the ARM processors. That was a smart move. A stable and tested platform for a new device.

Google did a lot of work. All the standard devices were obsolete in one move: keyboard, display, mouse. And it needed to be replaced by the touchscreen. Virtual google-keyboard. Multi gesture touchpads. They did a fine job there. Android catched on. And not just for its name. Android delivers.

But coming from Linux, Android is a little bit simple minded. If in Linux I launch the virtual terminal three times, I get three terminals in which I can do three different things.

When I do the same in Android, the first time, the terminal is started. The second time that I tap the terminal icon, I am moved to the already running terminal window. Apparently only one instance of an application can run at any time.

Is this a big deal? No it isn't. Android powers a telephone. A telephone that can run games, take pictures and has wireless internet access. The smartphone is a toy. And Android makes that toy tick. The emphasis of the phone is on playing games and playing a role in what we got to call "the social media". The toy is not made for serious business. Yes, you can make serious apps for that toy but it is like trying to compete in the Tour de France on your fixie bike.

So the conclusion is simple:

Android is not Linux

Android is a simple subset of what we run on our full scale computers. It can handle the usual linux commands. But it is not meant to be run from within a terminal. Android is run by clicking, tapping, dragging and squeezing. Android is to Google what Windows is to Microsoft: a way to make money. And Google borrowed our Linux engine.

That being said: android programming requires you to think in a different way. So if you want to run two different instances of a task, don't start it twice but create a new task that has two 'streams' in it.

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