Droidscript: Transfer files

Below is how I transfer files from my smartphone to my computers. There may be 100 better and faster ways but this method works for me.

It may be that you transfer only spk files. SPK files are the DroidScript version of APK, with the distinction that APK files are stand alone programs whereas SPK files need the Droidscript runtime environment. The latter can be downloaded for free and every sane person will do so (an open Droidscript app consumes virtually no power) but the majority of smartphone users is not so sane.....

SPK files

An SPK file consists of a ZIPped directory. If you unzip an SPK file, you end up with a new directory (as when you would have un-gzipped a .tgz archive) containing extra directories with all the relevant files.. As you can see below:

An SPK file is just a tarball, without gzip encoding. SPK must be openable in MS Windows.... All in all, it's a clever method to package your files.

APK files

APK files are the files you will find in the Google Play store. They contain stand alone programs that do not require a runtime (unless you would call Android itself the runtime environment). Just

unzip package.apk
and a full directory tree will be unpacked. Be warned. When you explode an SPK file, the tree is in a second level directory whereas APK files expand all directories in your working directory....

In your APK file may be a 'classes.dex' file. This is a JAVA archive that needs to be exploded by dex2jar. You can then disassemble the jar file. But that's a hell of a job and I would not even try to do it.

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