Transferring files between devices

I have two smartphones

Both have their own peculiarities. The Archos runs Lollipop, the Moto runs Marshmallow. The Archos can act as a wireless access point, the Moto has a better screen. Both have Droidscript installed. So I wanted to move droidscript project files between the devices.

The official method here is:

But this caused some confusion. It didn't work. I tried several methods and they all failed. I may be quite experienced with DOS and Linux machines but I haven't got a clue how to transfer files between two phones. So I now do it as follows: Then the file is on the other computer and there is a backup copy on your google drive. This never hurts. But when you tap the downloaded file, you can open it but DS will not recognize it.

You need an SPK file

Look careful now. The file is called "DroidScript-Timer01" You can move that file around and nothing will happen. It is now very important to ename the file by adding ".spk" to get an SPK file extension.
If you move the SPK file around and after it is on the target phone, touching the filename will open it in Droidscript. And then the project is in the droidscript IDE.

Now there are two options: either I am doing something wrong saving project files, or my version of DroidScript forgets to add the spk file extension.

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