The Gigaweb server

As things look now (make sure you read the MWS section), the most sensible thing to do is to make an improved version of the Picoweb server. The Picoweb server is not bad. It's just an 8 year old design and some parts are getting hard to find these days. Also: the software is not optimal. The idea of the pcodes is great. But you can only get to the pcodes during compile time...

I will not reinvent the wheel. I have learned from studying the Picoweb server, the Microweb server and the Webtiger. The latter is a webserver running Nut/OS and it is equipped with an MMC interface, enabling the use of a 1 GB SD card for file storage. It has a full VFAT file system compiled in.

The idea for the Gigaweb server is more modest. It will be something between the Picoweb server and the Webtiger. No interface for accomodating massive storage devices. But lots of attention for programmability of the remaining I/O ports.

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