VAX 01: Processorboard

This is yet one more new topic. New to me. Old to people with more sense than I have. I design my first AVR processor board and call it 'VAX' which is short for

Verhoeven OR Versatile
Avr Avr
eXperiments eXperiments

You decide which name is correct or best. I already made up my mind. :o) Anyway, this is your chance to start owning a real VAX.

The aims for the VAX 01 processor board are:

VAX 01 : Circuit and board

It took some puzzling and rethinking but I managed to route this circuit on a half Euro board (80 x 100 mm, the maximum allowed by Eagle Light). I must say I used both layers. The board is choc full, due to the components all being DIP and through hole.

VAX 01 : Board features

The VAX 01 board has the following feratures:

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