Date Addition
7 May 2022 Created a shanksbot program to calculate shanks numbers for primes. Consult the OBC section.
19 Feb 2022 Created a new Android section. How to de-google your smartphone and return the smrtness to the one holding the thing.
8 Jan 2022 Create tools for making SRT files for subtitle generation from the command line and using flat editors like JED or JOE. Look for the Master Milo topic.
4 Jan 2022 LENGTH vs LEN of a string in obc Oberon
Jan 2021 Changed the javascript date format of the footer of each page (in the HTML5 section)
Apr 2019 Moving average, plot, using gnuplot (obc compiler)
Apr 2019 Line of best fit (obc compiler)
Nov 2018 Created a full featured high resolution command line Mandelbrot plotter using LONGREALS, Simple X11 and Mocka.
Oct 2018 Ported my mocka based modula-2 climate recalculation data sources towards obc. The interpreted OBC turns out to be faster than the compiled mocka....
Aug 2018 Factorials (obc compiler)
Dec 2017 Commandline calculator using RPN (obc compiler)
Feb 2017 Find ALL prime numbers upto a preset maximum. Fast. (obc compiler)
Aug 2016 Droidscript: graphical programming for android in javascript
Feb 2016 My 'new' used Dell Latitude E5500 laptop, will be used to test Linux Mint
Apr 2015 Tried my luck with Python. Forget it.
Apr 2015 Programming in C is not my cup of tea, as I found out again. Being spoiled by real programming systems such as oberon and modula-2.
Apr 2015 Paid attention to some very neat Adafruit I/O boards and processor units
Jul 2013 Javascript section started
Jun 2015 Created a basic X11 environment for Mocka. You can create any windowsize and do all basic operations from within a Mocka Modula-2 program.
Mar 2013 CGI programming: aboutvars, aboutpost
Mar 2013 Using Tickel Tick (Tcl/Tk) for making user interfaces FAST
Jan 2013 The SBC20 single board computer 2.0 project was started
Sep 2012 Added several older sources for FST Modula-2 (DOS) which were developed in the scope of FreeDOS
Aug 2011 Tried to program in GO (not: Group Otten, but the programming language). Keep out.
Mar 2011 Started my last and final Z80 based system, the Not So Single Board Computer nssbc, to be aborted since I was the only person in the world working on it. Until some guys at faecesbook started working on one again but by that time I had dumped all my chips...
Mar 2011 Paid attention to schematic capture software and to PCB maker software (GEDA, EAGLE, etc)
Feb 2011 Created a section on ARM processor boards made by Embedded Artists
Nov 2010 Started a (long lasting) project on the obc oberon compiler from Mike Spivey. This is a fantastic compiler.
Jul 2010 Some more projects with the ACK (Amsterdam Compiler Kit) Modula-2 compiler for Linux
Jun 2010 I bought the limited edition of the MHC Modula-2 to Java translator/cross compiler to make Modula2 sources cross platform enabled. This was a waste of money. No reason to buy the full version. Support by MHC was very disappointing.
Nov 2009 Digital oscilloscope
Jul 2009 Overhaul the website from HTML 3.2 to XHTML 1.0 HTML 5 with lots of some CSS
Sep 2009 Created a Java Section. What a mess...
Aug 2009 Upgraded te website to HTML5, introduction of CSS, major overhaul.
Jul 2009 Created a new section covering my LAN devices
Jun 2009 Created a random number generator and checker for Modula-2.
Apr 2009 openVote describes the hard and software for an open source voting and ballotting procedure and machinery.
Mar 2009 Added pages about linux machines (old and new systems), networked printers, crontab, Slackware 12.2,
Dec 2008 Kicked out the ridiculous Fonera, in favor of a TP Link Wireless Access Point (WAP) and never regretted it!
Dec 2008 Added a section dedicated to my most abundant brand of computers: Dell. Never bought a new one. They're all old farts. And still going strong.
Oct 2008 Added a section dedicated to ETT brand products.
Nov 2008 Prototyping in various ways.
Sep 2008 M4M, the home made modula-ish compiler for microcomputers, based on Wirth's PL/0 compiler
Aug 2008 Started work on the solid-state-ification of the old Gallium laptop: wireless LAN card, Solid state disk, more RAM. It's in the Linux section.
May 2008 Started work on the AA assembler for AVR.
Apr 2008 Constructed an improved version of VAX01, appropriately called VAX02. It has some bugs fixed.
Mar 2008 The adventures with the new Asus EEE Linux laptop have started. Read about it in the Asus EEE section.
Feb 2008 Designed and introduced the VAX 01 board: an ATmega 16 processor project. The board has all signals brought out to the world. All 8 ADC ports are fully configured. The board has a stable and precise 2.55 Volt reference diode.
Feb 2008 New offspring for the picoSam family. I might have some PCB's made for picoSam 32. The boards are being made in China now. Expected to arrive around 1 March 2008.
Jan 2008 Made a new framestomper that does more checks, in order to make it runs smoother and protect itself against Croatian crackers.
Jan 2008 Started work on an active HTML status code processor. To begin with, a 404 handler will be made that guesses which page could be served best.
Jan 2008 Started a section that explains (parts of) circuits.
Dec 2007 Started a topic on PCB making with EAGLE. Read about it in the PADS section.
Dec 2007 Launched the Okapi programmer section. Find it in the AVR section and in the products section.
Nov 2007 Plov005 released. It accepts a file to read from via the command line.
Nov 2007 My experiences with the Rabbit SBC boards (Wildcat and 2300) I purchased dirt cheap. See it in the Rabbit section.
Nov 2007 As of now, the buyable products on my website are all gathered in one section. With a customer friendly pricing scheme. See it in the 'Products' section.
Nov 2007 A program for creating batch files that can shrink digital photo's in size so they are easier to store in a digital photo frame. The DFFR program. Find it in the mocka section.
Oct 2007 Published an old reverse engineered source code: the ROM listing of the Jupiter Ace FORTH computer.
Oct 2007 Restarted work on my own compiler. I call it 'Plov' and it is based on the PL/0 language by professor Wirth. I will follow Professor Wirths books and still use my own coding style. I.e. no cryptical variable names and no unnecessary abbreviations.
Sep 2007 When printing webpages, the yellow on green text of the paragraph borders is printed as a whitish haze on an off white background. So now I am rewriting the site to black letters on a grey background which prints a lot better.
Sep 2007 Added IPfind and locate/updatedb to Minix.
Sep 2007 Installed Slackware 12 on Scandium (enhanced Compaq AP400). This was a good move! Read about it in the Slackware 12 topic.
Sep 2007 Scanned, OCR-ed en reformatted the (dutch) book 'Compilerbouw' by Niklaus Wirth and Teus de Jong. It shows the first release of the PL/0 compiler which is an engineering challenge. Read about it in the m4m section.
Aug 2007 IOrd and IOwr executables to be used in Tcl/Tk scripts. IOrd will read the value from any I/O port inside the PC. IOwr will write the specified value to the required I/O port. Read it in the Iord + IOwr section (Mocka section).
Aug 2007 Some example Tcl/Tk programs are now being published in the Languages section. Read more about it in the Tcl/Tk section over there!
July 2007 While preparing a topic on the black art of programming I discovered Tcl/Tk and I want to spend some time with this real easy GUI development kit. Why learn C++, GTK, KDE, or whatever, when you can get cracking immediately with Tk? Follow it in the Languages section.
July 2007 I finished my Parilux 1 project: a simple and affordable feedback device for people who want to learn the art of programming, without making useless pieces of software. Parilux can be used for simple tasks (blinking one of four LED's) or simulating a complete I2C or CAN bus. Estimated costs: less than €20.
June 2007 Two new Modula-2 programs in the mocka section. Procs deals with processing /proc files and Conv makes large batch files.
June 2007 Got myself an AT NGW100 kit. Time for some high tech experiments with this potent Linux driven microcontroller. Read more about it in the AVR section.
May 2007 Design a simple yet reliable multiple power supply which is mounted on a piece of plywood instead of an expensive enclosure. Read about it in the various section.
May 2007 The Yomal language is kicked off. Read all about it in the AVR section. This topic will show progress, successes and failures of the design conditions taken along the way.
Apr 2007 A new AVR programming system (which can easily be extended to just about ANY other kind of ISP programmable processor) is announced: the PPTuln programmer. read about it in the MWS section.
Apr 2007 Launched the Gigaweb server project, as part of the MWS project.
Apr 2007 Installed a FONERO social router so that all people (known to FON) can access the internet via WLAN when outside my house. Read about it in the Fonera page in the Various section. And join the community! It's almost free. Read about it on We can only make this thing work, by joining!
Apr 2007 Added a search box to the most important webpages. The search box was kindly supplied by
Apr 2007 I'm taking on google since they seem to suppres at least one of my webpages. Read about my 'fight Google' mission in the various section. This can happen to you as well.
Apr 2007 Started the PicoSam (pSam) project: a small oscilloscope for the LPT port: PicoSam!
Mar 2007 Introduced a Feedback section in which user opinions are displayed, anonimized.
Mar 2007 I installed Linux Slackware 11 on my new MSI M662 flaptop computer, named 'Mercury'. Read about it in the Linux section.
Feb 2007 Opened a new project: Minix 3. The forgotten operating system that has a lot to offer gets some serious attention on Fruttenboel. It will be installed, used and extended with the C and Modula-2 compilers. Read about it in the Minix pages.
Feb 2007 Started installing Slackware 11 on some of my machines. Read about it in the 'Linux' section. It's in the navigator on the right.
Feb 2007 I already added a small topic on house warming by means of a central heating system (quite common in NW Europe), but the topic kept on growing. So now it is a full featured chapter which is about the heat.
Jan 2007 Switching over from TelCo to VoIP (Voice over IP). Expected savings: € 250 per year. Which will be used, partly, for a higher speed internet connection. Read it in Voice over IP.
Jan 2007 Fixed the LG WD 1460-FD direct drive washing machine. See it in the 'Various' section.
Nov 2006 Added the GBext3 circuit as a bus buffer for the Gameboy project. It was made with Eagle. When it was online, I did some tests with GBexx (the predecessor of GBext3) and found out that GBexx wasn't that bad after all. So it is granted a second chance. Read about it in the Gameboy section.
Nov 2006 Started the Okapi project: a smart AVR ISP programmer that will cetainly not damage your precious PC.
Oct 2006 Retrieved all 9 issues of The Assembly Programmer's Journal and put them online on this server. Find them in the 80x86 asm chapter.
Oct 2006 Added several new Modula-2 topics for the old DOS FST compiler. The subjects are old, but the source might be interesting for new programmers.
Oct 2006 Added a new section: Various. It is closely related to 'Loose ends' and in fact, most of these topics used to be on the brink of becoming a loose end... With a new way of presenting schematics. A faster way...
Sep 2006 A new toy added: the Achatz micro webserver version 2.00. Learn how to use it with recent versions of Linux.
Sep 2006 Article about Linked Lists with Mocka. Will not run with other Modula-2 compilers since it relies on the MemPools library of Mocka.
Sep 2006 Published the AVR disassembler project (source and executable).
Sep 2006 Started an AVR section. Use the navigator to get there.
Sep 2006 Added a section about cleverly making backups from the /home filesystem for 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.
Aug 2006 Changed to the latest version of the Mocka compiler (Mocka 0608m) which is adapted by Dr Maurer. I translated Dr Maurer's installation pages so non-german readers can install the compiler as well.
Jul 2006 Opened and took apart a blood pressure meter to harvest the valuable parts (sensor, bladder, pump, valve, display, batteries). See it in the Blood pressure section.
Jun 2006 Created and installed a dedicated FrameStomper-gz which handles gzipped HTML files.
Jun 2006 Handle files and process data with CGI executables on a webserver.
Jun 2006 All sections have been standardized. All index.html files and the top.html files are now using the same standard (width="16%" instead of width="180").
Jun 2006 The linux section has been overhauled. HOW-TO install Debian Sarge via a 'Network Install Procedure' added.
Jun 2006 Debian 3.1 replaced Slackware 10.2 on Beryllium. More machines are likely to follow. The Sarge rules!
Jun 2006 I switched to Mocka 9905m, a Mocka compiler rewritten by Dr Maurer of FU Berlin. This version can do X11 GUI programming!
May 2006 What happens when a CGI executable enters an infinite loop? Will it crash or cripple the server? Read about it in the CGI loop topic on (where else?) Fruttenboel!
May 2006 The first sensor HTML page is published: the 10k NTC. I load this page with the FrameStomper. This page covers calibration, data processing and graphs.
Apr 2006 The FrameStomper has some welcome side effects. Read about using the stomper to stomp out Search Engine madness.
Apr 2006 Published the chatty bootloader for the Native Oberon project. was developed for FreeDOS back in 1999.
Apr 2006 The Frame Stomper runs stable now so I am converting all my older pages to the new active CGI enforcer. The Frame Stomper looks if it is loaded alone. If so, it will force the loading of a dedicated index.html frame loader file. As does the link in the first line of this topic.
Apr 2006 Search engines got smarter the last month. They found the silly sentence that was put inside the gzipped html page (Various section). End of the Gzipped HTML project. It was fun.
Apr 2006 Linux at fruttenboel manor. Read all about it and as long as you want.
Apr 2006 When my site is approached via Google, only the main frame of a topic is loaded. So I made a frame stomper, so that when a separate frame is requested, the top and navigator frames are loaded as well. Read about the Frame Stomper.
Apr 2006 Introduction of the Palo syntax as intermediate code for the m4m compiler. Palo is to be combined with the Alto back end.
Mar 2006 The PIC section has been updated in it's own PIC directory with new topics like the JDM programmer design explained. And my improved JDM programmer.
Mar 2006 Published the first part of mailCGI, the Modula-2 based E-mail script that runs a thousand times faster than the fastest Perl script. See it all in the cgi section.
Mar 2006 Added the Twin Towers design to my tin unroller webpage.
Mar 2006 The PADSdemo PCB design software does work with Windows XP. Check out the pads pages on this site Start with reading paragraph 6!
Feb 2006 Restarted work on the m4m compiler section. This time, I ported the EBNF scanner from Wirth's book "Compiler construction" to the Mocka compiler. Includes all the sources and executables.
Jan 2006 An old favorite of mine: sensors and dataprocessing has been started. It is far from complete yet, but a publication might force me to put more time in it.
Jan 2006 The E-mail address has been changed to That'l teach spammers!
Jan 2006 I made a sitemap file for this website.
Jan 2006 In the webpage Schematics I explain how I make my circuit drawings from scratch until webpage.
Jan 2006 The PADS CAD system is downloadable again. The floppy disk images have a new and safer place on the web.
Dec 2005 Restarted the m4m project, but now trying to use the framework as described in Niklaus Wirth's book Compiler construction that can be downloaded from
Dec 2005 Due to falling visitor and download numbers, I decided to switch back to the old style of the navigator frame. No submenues, just one long listing. It's also easier for me to see what I already got and where it is.
Dec 2005 Started the Gameboy section. The Nintendo Gameboy Color is a small yet potent Z80 system with lots of goodies like built-in bank switching, nice colour LCD and just enough keys for most control applications.
I have quite some plans with this nice little something....
Nov 2005 I got a letter from my most heroic Hero: Niklaus Wirth. You can read it in the Oberon section.
Nov 2005 My Modula for Microcontroller project (M4M) will be halted and I will focus my attention on an Oberon compiler for Microcontrollers.
Sep 2005 I want to see how far I get in reviving the PICstart 16B programmer with Linux, instead of DOS. I got the source of the 17C42 controller on board the programmer, plus full schematics for the construction of it. This ought to work.
Check it out via 'Peripherals' and then 'PICstart 16B'.
Sep 2005 The HP E-PC C10 now runs Debian Sarge (3.1) and all systems are GO. The HP E-PC page has been updated with Slackware, SuSE, Caldera and Debian.
Sep 2005 We registered in order to have a uniform URL that will allow all active members to set up their own subdomains. The link will soon be operational. We hope.
Sep 2005 I added a 'For Sale' section. See it as a garage sale. Only old stuff. But it might be the stuff you're looking for... Check out the navigator frame on the right.
Aug 2005 We removed the WISclub website back to since the (GNU) free webhost: is back online for the better.
Aug 2005 We moved the WISclub website back to since the (GNU) free webhost: has been down for too long.
Jun 2005 The examples from PIM are now downloadable from Pim.tar.gz on this site.
Jun 2005 We moved the WISclub website to a (GNU) free webhost: grants webservices to sincere people and groups. Apparently we are a subset of that... :o)
May 2005 At last: attention for the Oberon system which is a combination of operating system, programming language and compiler. It runs stand alone or runs under an existing operating system like DOS, LInux, Mac or even Windows.
May 2005 Start of the PlyPlot plotter made without special tools or parts. Target price: less than 100 euro.
Apr 2005 I added a page about using system commands from within a running executable.
Apr 2005 I added a page about my heroes, the ICT pioneers that made big footprints so that many people could follow them.
Apr 2005 I picked up the m4m project again. On April 1, the compiler checks simple sources that still do nothing. But errors are flagged.
Mar 2005 I'm on a crusade against the evil of today: C++. A true BS language. Read more about it in the section about programming languages or at the C++ Crusade....
Mar 2005 I updated the pages about
  • the HP E-PC computer (it is a stand alone topic now)
  • the AP400
  • C and me
  • Linux backups
  • 9 Volt batteries
Mar 2005 I restarted reading 'Teach yourself C++ in 21 days' from page one. It's a dirty job, but somebody got to do it.
Mar 2005 Forget what I mentioned about GTK in the section below. After reading a few hundreds of pages of GTK tutorials, I came to the conclusion that Qt ain't half that bad... Read more about it in the GUI coding section.
Feb 2005 Today was D-Day (Decision Day). I came to the conclusion that my survey into the world of super structured programming suites is over. I will defintely not be using C++, Java, JavaScript or Qt.
My new love is GTK, with some C for the time and eventually a full port to Modula-2.
Feb 2005 I exchanged the Lithium cell, welded to the mainboard of my Compaq AP400 twin CPU workstation, for a standard CR 2032 socket. Now I can easily change the cells, when this one is drained (which ought to be so around 2012).
Feb 2005 I added two items to the machines page: pictures and experiences with my Longshine NIC and Longshine switches. This page is another tribute to the RTL Ethernet controllers.
Jan 2005 In order to be compliant with new EU regulations, I have published a page about the EUCET nomenclature for PostNine digits. This new standard is a good example of how the European Committee is pushing ICT into a new gear. Please do read this page. It will affect your and your children's future.
Jan 2005 Added another HPGL command summary which contains just about all HPGL commands. With short explanations. Find this file in the Modula-2 section, subsection 'Plotter', and click on 'More HPGL'.
Dec 2004 All Unix based graphical webbrowsers show gzipped html files as if they were unzipped. This means that I can reduce webspace at my internet host by upto 75%.
So now I'm running some tests with this feature. Check out the first page in this range: Hello.gz which is located in the CGI section. Does this page load? Or does the browser offer you to download the file?
If it opens in a new window, check out the URL. See? The browser requested and received a gzipped file and converted it to plain html just prior to displaying it onscreen.
Dec 2004 Added a Hello world style program written with CGI and the Mocka compiler. Check out the cgi section now.
Dec 2004 Added the page "C and me" about my love/HATE relation with the most used programming language of this time.
Dec 2004 I received the two HP E-PC's which I bought at "Now that's IT", a cosy shop in The Hague (NL). These machines were used, but working. Due to their compact dimensions they will be deployed in the livingroom and in the bedroom of my daughter.
Dec 2004 A small tribute to Prince Bernhard who died yesterday. He's always been the 'fool of orange', but had a great time doing so.
Nov 2004 I started some experiments with the Java language since it offers flexibility without the hassle of C++ and recompilation for each and every platform. See how far I come with this one after my detours via C++.
Nov 2004 I bought a used Compaq AP400 dual CPU system and I want to get it to run an SMP kernel. Read all about the Compaq AP400 Linux project.
Oct 2004 I started a new project about adding SVGAlib properties to Modula-2 for the Mocka compiler. Check out how I changed Mocka for using SVGAlib there and help me complete this project.
Oct 2004 There used to be a dutch lesson in 'Programming with the Mocka Modula-2 compiler. Now I added the english translation of this page.
Sept 2004 I added a 'Loose ends' page which shows circuit drawings (no texts!) some unfinished and even some unstarted projects. This Loose ends page is not big, but contains 12 PNG files so it needs some processing horsepower to put the page on-screen.
Sept 2004 I deleted the dutch pages for the Parino I/O card . I added pictures about how to mount the card at home. And I prepared the site for a 'Parino with Linux' project.
Watch these pages for the 'PariLux' project. Coming soon to this theatre. The prototype for PariLux is already wired and debugged.
Sept 2004 I recovered an old wannahave/gadget: the two chip DSO made with a PIC 16C55 . This product was published around 10 years ago by Parallax Inc. I found the drawing over the weekend. Now I need to recover the software....
Sept 2004 Added a page for checking out home made CGI executables. See it all in the 'CGI section'.
Aug 2004 Added a page about the computers I have here in this home. Conclusion: you can run a decent house with scrap computers.
Check out the 'My computers' topic in the navigator.
Aug 2004 CGI programming with Mocka Modula-2. The first part is accessing environment variables with the 'trye' program. And with 'GetEnv' further on in the CGI directory.
Aug 2004 I opened a group of pages that is dedicated to the insides of machines and equipment, present in my lab or house. Various -> Machines
Jul 2004 I mastered the art of making backups under Linux. If you need to know which magic wands I used, just check it out by clicking on the 'Backing up' link in the Linux navigator frame on the right.
May 2004 I registered to make the URL shorter. I ditched it in Nov.
May 2004 Added a travesty on the popular Google search engine, which I rewrote for the dialect I talk when at home and among friends....
Click on 'Goechul' to give it a try...
Apr 2004 As a result of a discussion on Global WISclub some members bought a small robotic kit from Winkler Schulbedarf in Austria. I will document my experiences with this Raupe project.
Just click on the 'Raupe' link in the Various navigator.
Mar 2004 I registered the domain and I am rebuilding the webpages again. The main difference is that I will tinker out all embedded E-mail references from the webpages.
Instead of many E-mail addresses in many places, I will add 'Contact Me' links in the bottom of each and every 'Navigator frame'.
Mar 2004

There is just no really good programming language for small chips. Therefore I and some of my international friends decided it was time to do something about that. We started the m4m (Modula-2 for Microcontrollers) project.

The project has just barely started and we're at version 0.2 which CAN accept data from the commandline and skip nested comments better than any commercial M2 compiler can....
We're now working on recognizing simple variables from VAR and CONST statements.

Feb 2004 I released version 07 of the Soup source printer which by now gets rather foolproof.
Jan 2004 I was disappointed that there are still no good free ISCP programmers for the PIC processor range. So I want to designa and build my own.
Interested? Follow the link to the ICSP PIC in the navigator frame on the right side of the screen.
Dec 2003

I added I/O port access to the Mocka compiler using a FOREIGN MODULE. So if you want to study either (I/O access or how a FOREIGN MODULE works) you can check out this page.

You can find the webpage about the Mocka IOport HERE.

Dec 2003

In 1993 our Bravo double action airpump broke. The controlvalve housing split, which caused it to operate in single stroke mode only. And only the upgoing stroke, for that matter, which is very uncomfortable and also bad for the lifetime of the pump.

This year I repaired the pump, which is made of very hard to glue materials. Just take a look at it in the Loctite Polyolefin bonding kit page.

Dec 2003 When I was invited to go to the zoo by the blood donor organisation of Holland, we got a single use camera there. After exposing the film, I decided to take it apart to see what's inside.
Just take a look at it in the camera salvager page.
Oct 2003 There's new activity in FST Modula-2 due to new members on the Modula-2 mailinglist (
I ported Soup and Emit to DOS and I extended the LowLevel library with the 'Peek' command. Check it out at the FST Modula-2 programming section on Fruttenboel.
Sep 2003 Updated the assembly language programming section on Fruttenboel.
I added the LDA program which has some unique features. QV.
Sep 2003 Added several small sources in FST Modula-2 for DOS: mouse control, printer control, I/O port access, hardware clock control, microsecond timing routines.
Sep 2003 How to convert the RIEVO lie-detector (toy) into a true digital storage oscilloscope.
Sep 2003 Present a lesson how to make a printed circuit board with PADS.
Jul 2003 Harvest a batteryclip from each (empty) Varta 9 Volt blockbattery.
This is a WISclub project since it reduces battery waste.
Jul 2003 Started construction of the Softy, a smart I/O systemn that connects to any computer via the COM port. Softy is meant to be used instead of the LPT port.
Why use a 4 GHz computer with 512 Mb of RAM running a multi user operating system with full fledged security mechanisms, if the same can be done with a microcontroller with a mere 144 bytes RAM at 12 MHz?
Softy will be based on a Z8681 microcontroller with 4 Kb code and 4 Kb data memory, COM port, I2C port and a flexible program functionality.
Apr 2003 Using the Mocka Modula-2 compiler. Made in Germany! This is a fine compiler!
Mar 2002 Tin unroller for home construction. Make this zero-cost WISclub project.
Nov 2001 The PARINO project is completely ready for download!
Sep 2001 A lesson in using PADS for circuit design.
Apr 2001 A new file on Modula-2 programming: the VGAlib3 library is published.
Jan 2001 An overview of microcontroller boards plus URL's.
Dec 2000 I opened the ELV MLE-6 Plus intelligent battery charger after a RAM cell exploded.
Oct 2000 The BEPPY project is ready for download. Read all about it here
May 2000 Learn to use your laserprinter as a plotter. With the sources.
Aug 1999 Programming in FST Modula-2 with and about my (GNU GPL) graphic libraries.
1994 Learn how to make your own text based windowing system, with full sources.

Page created somewhere in 2000,