Linux Native Oberon

To impress FP during my visit to his house, I installed Linux Native Oberon on the Gallium machine. For those of us who do not know this site by heart, Gallium is my 366 MHz Dell CPi A366XT laptop. It runs with Slackware 11 and takes some time to reach the state of running X. But from then, it runs like a bat out of hell. I cannot mention significant speed difference between two LNO's, one on a 3 GHz system and the one on the 366 MHz laptop. Let's call it "Reiser's revenge".

LNO, what does it offer

A lot. To start with, you get a full screen window in X, resembling the screen familiar to all of us with some experience with Native Oberon. With one major difference: the gadgets are installed immediately. Also, when you press one large button, the new Oberon desktop is launched. This resembles the normal Linux desktop (also with four subdesktops).

For the rest: you feel at home immediately. Left, right and middle mouse buttons work as expected. The logs and screens work as expected. Put the star marker. Run the gadgets and tools. You run Native Oberon, with one major exception: the difficult parts

are all handled by Linux. So even if you have a WLAN connection, your Oberon will immediately be able to use it.

Things to do

Just get the files and install the lot. Very clear instructions for this come from Switzerland. Read it in the next chapters.

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