LNO: see it run

And this is how the desktop looks like

Since I run this on a 1280x1024 screen I needed to shrink the picture so that it fits on most browser screens.

The screen in close-up

To the right is a close up of the system log track. All system messages end up there. But you may also use it as a scratch pad for typing new commands that then can be started by middlemouseclicks.

Here you see the tools menu which is typical for a gadget oriented Native Oberon system. As you see, LNO comes with gadgets loaded by default.

If you click on 'Open desktop' you end up with the view below:


For the record:

Some abbreviations:


Mouse LEFT





If you have a two button mouse: Use the CONTROL key as MM.
If you have a one button mouse: Use CONTROL for MM and OPTION for MR.

The best tutorial is free: it's inside LNO.
Just MM on "Documentation" and then on "Oberon User Guide". Teach yourself how to mouse, edit, program and maintain your disksystem! It's all inside.

Don't forget to read the "Gadgets Introduction" since it contains a lot of extra information. Spend an evening exploring these files. It will be a lifetime investment.

The Mouse piano

Below is an overview of the mouse click patterns:

Main mouse button
Place caret Execute Mark


ML Move gadget Delete marked
MM Copy marked Copy marked
MR Copy format Copy gadget

It may look complicated. But it is as simple as it gets... Just try out the examples in the sandbox files. As long as you do not MM on "Store", no harm is done.

And probably this is also why Oberon is in the state it is in now:

And who, in his right state of mind, would buy such a system, while Microsoft is around the corner, selling the complete opposite for major money?

Niklaus just made it too good, too simple.....

LNO : shutdown

If you want to shut down the current Oberon session, do NOT kill the window by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner (or anywhere else). This will kill the window, but Oberon will keep on running, eating up lots of CPU cycles.

The only correct way to quit LNO is shown to the right:

  1. MM on 'Quit'
  2. Move mouse cursor to 'Shutdown'
  3. Release mouse button
If you kill the window, you need to
	jan@beryllium:~/internet/linman$ ps aux
	jan       4364  1.0 20.2 115212 45240 ?      S    21:49   0:14 /usr/lib/mozilla/mozilla-bin
	jan       4385  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    21:50   0:00 [netstat] <defunct>
	jan       4421  7.0  2.3 15684 5368 pts/8    S+   22:05   0:36 /home/oberon/linux.oberon -c
	jan       4433  0.0  4.5 48820 10148 ?       S    22:08   0:00 kdeinit: kio_pop3 pop3
	jan       4445  0.0  0.3  2496  844 pts/7    R+   22:13   0:00 ps aux
	jan@beryllium:~/internet/linman$ kill -9 4421
kill the running oberon task.

Sometimes LNO decides to go out for lunch, never to return. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-Break do not work. Still you want to get out of it. Then you can only kill the running task from another console. And that's exactly why I run LNO in another tab of Konsole.

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