Native Oberon

Native Oberon is the stand alone version of the operating system 'Oberon' which is not running on a Ceres workstation. The best known one is targeted to the Intel 80386 and higher series of microprocessors. As far as I know, this is also the only processor native Oberon runs on. Apart of course from the NS 32032 that was used for the Ceres workstations.

Native Oberon project files

Pieter Muller (the current maintainer) opened an account at Sourceforge for this purpose. See it at . I was one of the smart people to volunteer in helping maintain the site and the project. I uploaded two versions of Native Oberon, the Oberon0.dsk boot file plus a few screenshots, all of which I stole from ETHZ sites. Apparently only engineers can do that kind of thing.
To get started, get yourself a copy of Oberon0.dsk from either the ETHZ site or from the Sourceforge servers. Put an empty 1.44 MB floppy disk in the drive and issue one of the following commands:

You now have a bootable disk. Insert it into the target machine and make sure it reboots. When it is done, it will show a Native Oberon desktop and you will be guided along by the Oberon system. There are even instructions for installing the system to your hard disk.


That's "Oberon Nil". Oberon0 is a subset of Oberon. The language is described in 'Compiler Construction' by Niklaus Wirth. Oberon0 is the Oberon language without:

The language is used to build the base system. The bootloader is made in assembly language but that is not very difficult (even I made one, back in 1997, so that proves it I guess).

It would be convenient to have access to the full sources of the Oberon0.dsk system. If this project will ever come off the ground, people must be able to understand what's goin on and how to duplicate the action.
Another handy point is the availability of several Oberon0 cross compilers to get the thing started from operating systems other than Oberon. So I am putting some pressure on to get Oberon0 cross compilers for at least Linux, Windows and Mac.

So, if you're a programmer, familiar to Modula-2, Pascal or Oberon, please help out and write some Oberon0 cross compilers. You can get a lot of help from Niklaus Wirth's book "Compiler construction" which is available as a PDF file free of charge from . Oberon0 is decribed in this book and also how to make a compiler for it.

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