The RISC emulator

As explained in the Ceres chapter Peter de Wachter created an emulator that behaves as if it is the imaginary CPU invented by Wirth for his Project Oberon. In this section, the sources are shown, after I have tidied them up a bit. I'm a Modula-2 man so formating, indenting and whitespace are very important for me.
These are the sources as they were early april 2014. I have no intention for publishing the up to date C sources. I merely want to show some of the sources that worked for me.

The source code

If you use the navigator on the right you can easily move through the source code files. All files were created through "Kate" editor's Export-to-HTML facility. They are:

A wild idea

Have you seen the sources? They're all in C. That's a good thing since if you can do it in C, you can do it better in Modula-2. So if I can make a Foreign Module for mocka, it should be possible to create an emulator in a better language...

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