So you have that new smartphone running a subset of Linux: android. And now you want to make the damned thing work for you. That's not so easy. I don't want to program in Java and similar languettes. I browsed the app stores and tried to find something resembling Oberon or Modula-2. There is a Pascal thingy but I am not too fond of Pascal.
And then my little eye spied a funny looking robot: Droidscript? In short, DroidScript :

The APK builder is not for free. It will set you back $14. But that is money well spent.

What is it?

One thing up front: it is fun! But DS (DroidScript) is not so much about programming. It comes in handy when you can make a decent program in a well defined language (such as Oberon or Modula-2). But DS is more about making the user interface and interact with the clicking of the user.
This interaction with the user looks like programming but (at least for me until now) is not. DS resembles Tcl/Tk, with javascript as the syntax backbone. You can make nice scripts in a short time.


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