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The Joker

Hi, my name is Jan Verhoeven. I set up this site because of my many interests. Perhaps some people out there may be interested in a few of the topics I researched or in completing one of my many orphaned projects. Starting is more interesting than finishing when you have a creative mind.

When browsing this site, please keep a constant eye on the 'LINKS' or 'Navigator' frame on the right. It is context sensitive and makes browsing this site a snap.

Also bear in mind that (in principle) me and my family run our lives with as little microsoft products as possible. Our daughter, which is in secondary school) sometimes requires the use of the Internet Exploder when visiting the school's website. It sometimes looks like microsoft is the biggest sponsor of dutch educational system.
If interested, take a look in the Philosophy file. You will find an explanation there why I have a picture of The Joker in this place....

Let's not blow things out of proportion..

You like what you see here? You can always buy me a cup of coffee...

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ChangeLog section

Created a shanks number calculator in obc: shank.mod
Updated the javascript section
De-google your smartphone in the Android section
New navigator frame (on the right NOW playing in this theatre) --->
Added a file about inkjet papers
Added a file to the javascript section about issues with the /script tag and how to solve it
Started a major overhaul of the webpages by using javascript functions to change key aspects of every file.
Added a new printer to the Dell Latitude C600 using CUPS. Plus used its modular FDD to read a DOS diskette from 25 years ago.
On request by a german reader, I added the original executables for the Rievo Lie detector rievo.tar.gz containing all the Windows 95 executables.
Added a new file: global site map listing all HTML files and what is (gloabbly) in that file
Tools for handling SRT files to make subtitles for movies, using a text editor
Length versus LEN with respect to strings, using the obc Oberon compiler.
Started a section about printers and cups and hplip in the Printer division Read all about cups, ppd, tank printers
Started a new section Raspberry pi on the new generation of micro controllers (Raspberry Pi normal and pico, eSP8266 chips, Arduino)
Complete overhaul of the CGI section due to a series of bugs in new undocumented features of Apache 2.
Revisited JavaScript as a programming language in its own section about javascript What a waste of brain space... Yet it is the only option so we'll have to adapt to silliness in progress.
Created a 24 game for the obc compiler
Created an epoch translator for the obc compiler
Created a foreign unix system calls function for the obc compiler
Created a program for determining the line of best fit using the obc compiler (not sure if it ever worked)
Created a program for determining running averages using the obc compiler
Install slackware64 on Magnesium Lenovo G50-80
Install obc 3.1.0 on slackware64 on the Magnesium laptop
Program to determine Mandelbrot figures in colour with Mocka Modula-2.
Program to determine Mandelbrot figures in monochrome with obc 3.0.7.
Program to determine factors of a number.
Prime number calculations using obc : Prime number magic.
Fast integer square root routine in the obc Oberon section: Integer Sqrt.
I converted the Coronado Modula-2 into HTML.
Started a new section about DroidScript for making apps the easy way on Android systems.
Are you dyslectic? You will be when you have read this: Word Hash.
Determine average and sigma for any size dataset avgstd.mod for mocka.
Installed Linux on my new Lenovo G50-80 laptop featuring a Core i3 processor and 4 GB of RAM
I created a FOREIGN MODULE for Mocka in order to enable X11 GUI programming. Look at the 'simple X11' topic.

The problem of the ICT world (since MS became marketleader):

software gets slower more quickly than hardware gets faster

Martin (i.e. not Hans) Reiser

About Fruttenboel.

What's this about 'Fruttenboel'? What does this typical maximum-security-level Unix-password mean? Well, let me explain. It's part of the local vocabulary. The word is only known in a small area in the south of The Netherlands. Around Tilburg to be precise.

The word WAS intended to function as a kind of password, but then, all in a sudden, it was the name of the subdomain at Geocities... And then I kept it. And now I don't want to change it anymore.
Fruttenboel is an expression when people here reach a dead-end and don't know how to commence (at that time) so they say something like: "You know what it is? It's a big 'fruttenboel'. And that's what it is!" So a 'Fruttenboel' is a kind of messy and seemingly chaotic situation. But a situation that CAN be mastered, in the end. So the best example of a true fruttenboel, is the present internet... Isn't it?

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