After an initial series of tests with standard PIM sources, I was very enthusiastic about this compiler. There were some things that were not standard but I blamed it on the restricted test version I had. But later, with the commercial version, it turned out that the MHC Modula-2 compiler is not suitable for bigger sources. It contains several bugs. And, despite that fact that is is payware, the support is minimal.

I bought this compiler. But I would never buy it again. Several people on the Modula-2 newsgroups share the same opinion. It's nice and immature. And too expensive. If in need for a good Modula-2 compiler: check out Mocka and the ACK. Both are free.

Cross platform Modula-2

Modula-2 is a fantastic language. It is so great that there are compilers for all platforms: DOS, Unix, Mac, even for Windows. The Modula-2 user base is rather small. But no matter how small, they've always managed to produce at least one major compiler package for every platform. So, the love for Modula-2 must be great, from the moment that you have mastered the language.

Of course, all programming languages produce native code only. If you want to port a program from platform W to platform L (for example) you need to massively invest time to get the thing running. IF you will manage at all. Most operating systems are so unique that rewriting from scratch in most cases is faster and better.

But that has now come to an end. Well, now, the product exists already for many years but I did not come across it since lately.... Which is a pity since it IS cross platform... One of those nights that I couldn't catch the sleep, I wondered: "Could I convince Niklaus Wirth to come out with an Oberon or Modula-2 compiler that produces Java byte code?". So the next day I started the browser and did an internet search. Then I came across this site: and it seemed like a dream come true.
While looking again in the MHC download page I saw the Modula-2 for Java package. This is another kind of compiler. It does not produce Java bytecode but it produces Java source. So it is a translator. You need to recompile with javac or jikes. Read in the 'Testing' topic how I fared.

Is it free?

No The MHC compiler costs some money. It is not a fortune, but it is too much. It works for small sources but bigger projects create all kinds of errors and inconsistencies.

Topics covered

Below is a list of topics covered with the MHC Corp (MHC = 'Mill Hill & Canterbury') Modula-2 compiler for Java.

Just read the files. They're more like stories, like journeys, not like dull webpages about programmers that work without evolution.

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