Fruttenboel download for EDA software

Eagle library for the NSSBC project (gzipped) nssbc.lbr 3
gEDA relatedKB
Oscillator in a can : OscillDip14.sym 1
Dallas EconoReset controller symbol : DS1233.sym 1
Symbol definition for Zilog Z80 Cpu in Dip 40 : Z80CpuDip40.sym 7
Symbol definition for Zilog Z80 Dma in Dip 40 : Z80DmaDip40.sym 7
Symbol definition for 2 pin header : jumper-1.sym 1
Symbol 64 pin DIN 41612 connector (rows A and C) : Din41612AC64.sym 12
Data sheets, stored externally KB
Dallas (now Maxim) DS1233 EconoReset device 120
Zilog Z80 CPU 1894
Zilog Z80 peripheral chips DMA, PIO, CTC, SIO, DART, etc 2346
Fox Online Canned Oscillator 150
PADS relatedKB
Set of DOSbox and patched drivers for Windows XP 4000
Pads Libraries 1500
Pads Schematics capture 1500
Pads Printed Circuit Board Editor 1500
Kitt scanner in one ZIP file 40
Kitt scanner schematic (PNG file) 10
LPT tester in one ZIP file 40
LPT tester schematic (PNG file) 10
I2C extension for Parino 50
SOAP project (drawings and all) 160

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