Why this page.

@Home is a reliable ISP, no doubt about that. It's just that the DNS is sometimes irregular. So I have full internet access but cannot find sites. Not what I was waiting for. So I decided to derive this list of DNS machines.
As you will undoubtedly know, the DNS (Dynamic Name Server) is the translation layer between a URL (like www.google.be) and an IP address. You do not need this layer if you can remember all the IP addresses you regularly visit. I am not so perfect, so people like me need a DNS.

The DNS list.

IP address Comment @Home Tilburg proxy3.rdc1.nb.home.nl proxy4.rdc1.nb.home.nl proxy5.rdc1.nb.home.nl proxy6.rdc1.nb.home.nl ns2.home.nl Zwolle 1 Zwolle 2 Zwolle 3 Not handed out by @Home Tilburg end of Nov 2006 Tilburg Gilze Tilburg Essent Kabelcom Essent Kabelcom Ziggo Essent Essent XS4ALL (if all others fail)

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