Loose ends: some unstarted and unfinished projects.

Below, you will see a collection of projects that were engineered, visualised, designed and next forgotten. That's the trouble when you gotta do it all by yourself. No one to shift the monkey to.

If you have questions about a certain project, please keep them to yourself. From most of these projects I have forgotten all the details many many moons ago, so chances are I won't be able to clarify things.

Charger for an Alan MPR personal radio.

Comparator gang (but WHY??).

EEPROM burner (is this a Beppy clone?)

GAL programmer for LPT port

I2C snooper (listener, spy for I2C bus)

How to wire up an ICSP port

Circuit drawing for a simple datalogger

Some kind of temperature measuring device

SPAM: the Serial Protocol Analyzer Module

Some kind of thermostat (I)

Some kind of thermostat (II)

A programmer for Z86E series processors

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