The dungeon power distributor

As I mentioned in the article about the Fusebox, I have a Fat Man transformer in a central place that powers a lot of machines that normally require a wallwart. So instead of a gazilion wall warts, I have one Fat Man plus a few cables running in a starshaped network, with FuseBoxes in between.

In my dungeon I occasionally need low power supplies (sometimes AC, mostly DC) for testing my homebrewn products and for powering the gadgets from Achatz or from US companies (the US wall warts can only be fitted here with a hammer).
So I made a small box that delivers the following voltages and levels of protection:

Voltage Polarity Filtered Group Fused at Connector Colour
9 AC N/A Raw 100 mA Barrel, 2.4 mm Metal
9 DC No I 300 mA Banana Yellow
12 DC Yes II 300 mA Barrel, 2.1 mm Metal
12 DC Yes II 300 mA Banana Red
12 DC Yes II 300 mA Banana Red

Group II consists of a fully rectified set of outputs with one collective 4700 uF capacitor.


To the right, you see the circuit drawing for the power distributor. The switch is there to cut off power immediately in case that would be required during an experiment, or for at night when no gadgest need power. The outputs are:

The drawing is incomplete since there is also a LED connected from 12 Volts DC to ground via a 1 k resistor to drain the voltage of the capacitor when the power is removed and to signal 'Power present' when all is OK.

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